Company Description:

Sync Computing is an MIT based startup company on a mission to build the next leap in distributed computing in the cloud. Sync Computing’s foundational technology is capable of solving large-scale scheduling optimization problems instantly, unlocking unprecedented gains in the orchestration of large-scale computing applications. Businesses worldwide will be able to utilize cloud resources with optimal efficiency, saving billions of dollars and endless hours on the cloud. We are targeting applications in data analytics, machine learning, and high-performance computing.

Job Description:

Sync Computing is hiring a VP of Sales to lead the company’s go-to-market strategy for a highly technical cloud infrastructure product. As the first business hire in an early stage startup, this role will have a significant impact on the overall business direction of the company, establishing new strategies and protocols for business development. This role will also build a team to lead the sales and go-to-market strategies for top-down customers.


  • Lead the go-to-market strategy for enterprise level “top down” customer profiles
  • Fill top of funnel sales leads with the ideal customer profiles (e.g. large cloud native enterprises with large cloud spends on data processing)
  • Help build the 0→1 sales pipelines and strategies. Candidate should be a “learner” not a “grower”
  • Investigate, hypothesize, and validate ICPs, core values, core customer problems, buyer identification
  • Understand the separation between user and buyer
  • Negotiate and draft contracts with large enterprise customers
  • Lead by example by driving everything from lead qualification, pitching, negotiating, closing, and retaining
  • Test and iterate pricing models and strategies for a SaaS based service in collaboration with the leadership team
  • Work closely with the solutions and product teams to understand customer needs
  • Ensure the team's objectives are aligned with business and product strategy
  • Analyze market information for growth opportunities in the cloud data infrastructure market
  • Being a member of the executive team, you prioritize the needs of the company as a whole over any one team.


  • 5+ years of experience in leading a go-to-market strategy for an early stage SaaS startup
  • Background in engineering to support technical conversations
  • Familiarity with “top down” customer sales motions
  • Ability to wear multiple hats in a fast-growing startup environment
  • Strong customer empathy and enjoys working with potential customers
  • “Do it yourself” startup mentality, capable of working independently across multiple roles while the company continues to grow